Der Musikbahnhof – a home for musicians

The music station of Annahütte is the creative core of the slimdog. Centrally located between Dresden, Berlin and Cottbus, we can find the peace and time to dedicate ourselves to our creative work. Away from the big city and surrounded by the woods and the water.

Our rooms are available to rent, no matter if you play jazz, classical music, pop or if you are a singer-songwriter. A holiday home for bands, orchestras or just for yourself. Here you can record, compose or rehearse as loud and as long as you desire. We have good sounding rooms and basic equipment at your disposal.

The renovated railway station is located on a plot of land of about one hectare at the edge of the village of Annahütte. Directly on the Silver Lake (Silbersee), in the middle of the forest and by a former railway line. Throughout its 400 m², the music station offers five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common kitchen, a large dining room and an even larger recording room with control room.

You can reach us by car via the A13, or by train via Senftenberg or Großräschen. Afterwards, you have the place for you and can dedicate yourselves completely to the music.

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Pictures by Pablo Hassmann

Our rooms

First floor:
On the first floor there are three bedrooms, with a total of 5 sleeping spots, and a bathroom. Every room is oriented towards the lake and faces the quiet garden.

Ground floor:
Here you can find the common area with the dining room, self-catering kitchen, bathrooms and two extra rooms. The former loading area with its large window-doors is not heated, but can be used in the summer for a variety of activities (summer lounge).

The music is played in the cellar, as the lights are low and the ears are at work. Studio and control room are only bright enough to leave you at ease.

See you soon in Annahütte!